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Viatical Settlements  - Get Paid for your Life Insurance! 

Life Insurance Settlement means more than the cash surrender value on all policies accepted for settlement through our group. Sell your life insurance policy and Stop making premium payments! Sell your life insurance policy through a viatical insurance settlement and get an accelerated death benefit, advanced settlement, a lump sum cash payment  through our bonded and licensed viatical life settlement company funding sources.  

Use cash from your viatical senior settlement or viatical life settlement for travel, vacation, or anything you've wanted but could not afford - now you can!

Strict viatical compliance and an advanced viatical life settlement practice is applied to every viatical, senior, and High Net Worth life settlement we handle. The entire process is PrivateRegulated, and viaticals may receive special Federal *Tax benefits.

Safe Harbor Funds, LLC has the largest institutional purchasers available in the life settlement market and senior settlement viatical industry.

We have licensed institutional viatical funders and life settlement buyers who provide high cash payments for your viatical life insurance settlement. 

Your business is important and we want you to feel comfortable.


                           Viatical Life Settlement now means CASH!

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                               Senior Settlements - Life Settlements 

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We do not provide Viatical or Life Settlement services in
New York at this time, we expect to provide them in the future.

Florida Viatical Brokers License

*Call Safe Harbor Funds, LLC with questions

        Viatical and Senior or Life Settlement definitions vary from state to state

          *Not all policies can be settled for more than the cash surrender value

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         Life Insurance Settlement is not available in Oklahoma and some other states        

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