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                                 Safe Harbor Funds, LLC

Individual policy owners, attorneys, bank trust departments, accountants, financial planners and life insurance agents choose Safe Harbor Funds, LLC viatical brokerage services when they need to sell life insurance policies - viaticals .

*Fiduciary responsibility: Safe Harbor Funds, LLC by regulation must represent ONLY the life insurance policy owner(s). And must act in their best interest at all times. State Insurance Departments around the country have implemented regulation to protect policy owners and require that viatical life settlement and senior settlement brokers act on behalf of and in the best interest of the policy owner. Viatical providers and funders have no such obligation. In point of fact, settlement providers and funders must act on behalf of their "financing entity" - their client.

*Experience: With over 30 years of combined life insurance, finance, legal, and life insurance settlement experience, the staff of Safe Harbor Funds, LLC is in a unique position to represent policy owners and their representatives in negotiating with multiple funders the best available offer for their viatical life insurance settlement.

*Compliance: Safe Harbor Funds, LLC uses only licensed viatical and senior life settlement brokers as well as viatical life settlement companies. In order to remain in compliance with the various states' department of insurance, we may be required to have our viatical and life settlement transactions, business plans, underwriting, and advertising approved or reported. And to allow inspection of our books and records at all times. Safe Harbor Funds, LLC maintains strict oversight of all our funders to ensure they exceed industry standards.

Safe Harbor Funds, LLC
"The Viatical Settlement Company"
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New York, NY 10003
Call: (800) 832-7512
Fax: (877) 838-5859

We do not provide Viatical or Life Settlement services in
New York at this time, we expect to provide them in the future.

Florida Viatical Brokers License

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         Life Insurance Settlement is not available in Oklahoma and some other states

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                           viatical and viatical settlements not available in New York

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