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                             Selling Your Life Insurance Policy

Selling your life insurance policy through Safe Harbor Funds, LLC allows you to  receive a cash rich financial option if suffering from impaired medical health, or, a Senior Settlement / Life Settlement for elderly insureds over age 70 without serious health conditions.

Policy owners and life insurance agents who wish to sell your life insurance policy come to us for assistance. They are assured of the highest level of confidentiality and ethical treatment in their transaction. We use in-house medical and insurance underwriting so your most private personal information is never released unless a viatical life settlement is available - we know in advance approximately what the offer will be BEFORE your private information is ever released - and only then with your permission will we move forward.  What this means to you is that your private medical and insurance information is only disclosed AFTER you know you can sell your life insurance policy.

Safe Harbor Funds, LLC uses institutional funding sources for policy purchase. The funders we work with are all licensed in your state of residence and are backed by multi-billion dollar banks. The money for your life insurance settlement is in a bank trust and paid to you within three (3) business days after the change of ownership is received from your life insurance company. You receive an absolute right of rescission for a *minimum period of 15 days from the date your receive the funds for your insurance settlement - return the money and your life insurance policy is returned to you - no questions asked.

Policy owners, the insured, and the life insurance agents are all parts of the settlement process but they can't do it optimally without an experienced viatical or senior life settlement broker.  The policy owner can't because they have no leverage with the buyers - they only have one or two policies to sell and are unable to determine true value of their policy. The life insurance agent can't because they may not be licensed as a viatical broker in their state, or may be precluded by their insurance company from engaging in viatical life settlements. And, like the policy owner, most life insurance agents simply don't see enough viaticated life insurance policies to be able to negotiate and price them in a changing market and know which funders pay the most for which specific files.  

Because funding sources have purchasing parameters that change weekly based on interest rates, portfolio concentrations, and  available policies with specific life expectancies (LE) in the market place, only a viatical company or viatical insurance company specializing in the senior settlement and  viatical life settlement market can know and can negotiate effectively for the highest possible offer.

Viatical and Viatical Life Settlement is all we do at Safe Harbor Funds, LLC.  We don't compete with life insurance agents, we work with them. We don't manage investor funds so here's no conflict of interest in deciding which funding source to use. Safe Harbor Funds, LLC represents ONLY the policy owner. We have a fiduciary responsibility to seek and obtain the absolute highest offer available for each and every life insurance settlement we negotiate. 

Before you sell your life insurance policy, thought should be given to other possible alternatives.  For more information, or to inquire about the steps needed to sell your life insurance, call us toll free or click and take the next step.

                           Life Settlement now means MORE CASH!

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   * Some states provide a 30 day right of rescission to protect the policy owner

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