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  Life Insurance Settlements, Life Insurance Settlement Options

Life Insurance Settlements are paid as cash or periodic payments (an annuity) on a life insurance policy as consideration for transferring the ownership rights on part of the future policy proceeds. 

There are basically four ways to effect a life insurance settlement on an insured with:

1) Chronic illness (heart disease, Alzheimer's): generally the case with a senior citizen or elderly insured with a shortened life expectancy (LE) of 36 > 96 months, sell the life insurance policy to institutional investors through a Senior Settlement or Senior Life Settlement Broker. 

2) Terminal Illness (cancer, AIDS): an insured - any age -  with a life threatening illness, generally with a life expectancy (LE) of 18 > 36 months *(viaticals), sell the life insurance policy through a viatical broker or viatical settlement brokers. Note: caution should be used in entering into a viatical settlement.  Viaticals are purchased by different investors than senior settlements or life settlements. Added due diligence must be exercised by brokers to provide regulatory compliance and investor protections.

3) Severe terminal illness (cancer, AIDS): Life expectancy (LE) less than 18 months, submit an application for an "accelerated death benefit" to the life insurance company, receive payments that offset against the future death claim. Note: Not all life insurance contracts provide option for an accelerated death benefit. In cases where the policy contract does not provide for accelerated benefits, a traditional viatical settlement may be completed.

4) Death of the insured: file a death claim directly with the life insurance company.

* The word viatical has varying definitions throughout different states, certain states define the sale of any life insurance policy by the policy owner to be a viatical, other state's statutes define viaticals but not senior settlements or life settlements, and yet other state's statutes define both viatical settlements and life settlements (senior settlements).

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