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Viatical Settlements and Life Settlement Investments

Viatical Investment Contracts and Life Settlement Investor Relations:

Safe Harbor Funds is seeking licensed Viatical Settlement and Senior Life Settlement Providers as well as other licensed financial and authorized institutional purchasers interested in capitalizing on the expanding secondary market for life insurance policies - non-contestable Life Settlement and Senior Viatical Settlement Contracts, click: viatical & senior settlements - history.

As a viatical life settlement brokerage, Safe Harbor Funds, LLC brings value to qualified companies interested in buying viaticals  and Life Settlement insurance policies by providing and negotiation on behalf of qualified, pre-screened viatical life settlement applicants - viaticals for sale

Safe Harbor Funds, LLC enjoys competitive advantages in the Viatical and Senior Life Settlement market  through our core business model and proprietary information technology. With the growing Life Settlement, Viatical Settlement, and Senior Settlement industry we have the ability to launch and maintain services to this increasing population.

Our team has the skills, experience, and motivation to develop relationships in a positive environment. We believe this foundation essential to successful relationships, that it must be built on mutual respect, mutual trust, and mutual confidence.

Licensed parties interested in Viatical Settlement contracts, Senior Settlement, or Life Settlement purchase agreements: click and complete the request form.

For information on investing in viatical and life settlement contracts from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) click


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                Senior Settlement and High Net Worth Life Settlement

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We do not provide Viatical or Life Settlement services in
New York at this time, we expect to provide them in the future.

Florida Viatical Brokers License

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This is not an offer to sell or invest in viatical settlement contracts or life settlement securities or franchises.  Business will occur only after mutual due diligence.  

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                     viatical settlement not available in New York and some other states

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