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                    High Net Worth Life Insurance Settlement

High net worth life insurance settlement -  both Senior Settlement and Life Settlement are generally distinguished from a viatical or viatical settlement by the health of the insured.  Viaticals are often in the $50,000 > $500,000 range with health being  poor or "guarded".  The high net worth settlements - both Senior Settlement and Life Settlements can range up to $5,000,000.00 or more of policy face amount or net death benefit and cover people in "relatively" good health.

Traditional viaticals are most often used to pay medical expenses and improve the dignity of the insured during their final days of life. A high net worth settlement is a  senior settlement or a high net worth life insurance settlement used by wealthy, retired, and elderly people for estate and strategic tax planning purposes.

The usual $5,000,000 maximum on life insurance policies - it varies by funding source is the limit to stop loss or contingency insurance available to viatical companies and is required by institutional financing entities that act as the viatical settlement "finance entity"  for policy purchase.

If you are interested in learning more about  the sale of your life insurance policy or have clients that may benefit from this valuable new option, ask us for more information about our high net worth settlement and funding programs for private, wealthy clients. Call us toll free at 800-832-7512 of request an application below.

                           High Net Worth Life Insurance Settlements

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