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                        Bonded Viatical Life Settlement

Bonded Viatical life Settlements (Bonded viaticals) are secondary market life insurance policy contracts - viatical investment contracts that have contingency or stop loss insurance on the life expectancy (LE) - a wrapper.

The term Bonded Viatical Settlements may also refer to a life insurance settlement in which some or all participants in the chain of custody of the investor's funds and  insurance policy carry a surety bond / E&O insurance during the settlement process.

A primary (although not only) risk associated with viatical purchase contracts or "viatical investment" is the risk the insured (viator) will live beyond their originally anticipated life expectancy - life expectancy extension risk. Some viatical companies escrow additional funds to cover the life extension risk.  If these funds are depleted prior to policy maturity, the purchaser of the viatical investment contract may be responsible for maintaining (paying) the premiums until contract maturity - death of insured.

The financial institution or insurance company issuing the wrapper provides an insurance policy or financial guarantee on the performance of the underlying life expectancy.  This *may result in a greater degree of safety to someone interested in buying viatical investment contracts.  By transferring the life extension risk from the investor/purchaser to an insurance company or financial institution, they increase the likely hood a return on invested funds will be realized if the policy runs over the originally anticipated life expectancy.

When exercising due diligence prior to purchase of bonded viaticals and life settlement investment contracts, it should be understood that credit risk is the lowest of any entity responsible for paying the investor or viatical purchaser their funds at policy maturity. If the life insurance company insuring the life of the viator has an A+ credit rating and the insurance company or financial institution providing a wrapper on the extension risk has a credit rating or B-, then the credit risk for the group would be B-. There may also be an escrow agent or trust department involved in paying premiums on the life insurance policy. The escrow agent or trust company's status must be considered as well when determining the value of the investment. Error and Omission (E&O) insurance on all parties involved in handling investor funds should normally be a requirement for purchasing a viatical investment contract.

Safe Harbor Funds, LLC does not participate in or advise the private purchase or sale of bonded viatical investment contracts - bonded viaticals -secondary market life insurance policies to private, non-accredited investors.

Safe Harbor Funds, LLC arranges for and negotiates on behalf of individual policy owners, or their duly appointed representatives, for the sale of their life insurance policies to licensed, institutional buyers who purchase existing (non-contestable) life insurance policies for their own portfolio or for future securitization.

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