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Viatical Settlements and Life Settlement Insurance Benefits

                    Stop making premium payments!

  • Become the beneficiary of  your own life insurance settlement!

  • Cash from your life insurance through a Viatical Settlement, Senior Settlement or Life Settlement is in a single lump sum cash payment and can be used for any purpose!

  • Through our providers of life insurance settlements, you will achieve a  Private, and Secure cash payment

  • CASH for Viatical Settlement, Life Settlement and Senior  Settlements is on deposit now and waiting for you in an American bank trust account

  • Your Money from Viatical Insurance Settlement, Senior Settlement or Life Settlement  *may* be tax free

  • No obligation until *after you receive money and you're happy with your life insurance settlement

  • Just click  Request an application to get started. Complete the process, and receive cash from your life insurance policy by completing our Viatical or Senior Life Settlement application

  • Make the call and together we'll get you the highest offers available for your viatical life settlement.

Selling unwanted or unneeded life insurance policies frees up valuable cash for use toward medical expenses, long term care, assisted living, housing or any purpose you find most valuable.       

Call Safe Harbor Funds, LLC: 800 832-7512 or click for information

                                Life Settlement now means **MORE CASH!

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                                     Selling Your Life Insurance Policy

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We do not provide Viatical or Life Settlement services in
New York at this time, we expect to provide them in the future.

Florida Viatical Brokers License

*Call Safe Harbor Funds, LLC with questions

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         Life Insurance Settlement is not available in Oklahoma and some other states

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