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    Viatical Settlement and Senior Life Settlement Information

Viatical Settlement and Senior Settlements: Life Insurance Settlement brings cash from life insurance policies to the policy owner (viator-settlor). Completed through a Viatical Settlement or Senior Life Settlement broker  on life insurance policies insuring terminally ill (viatical) or chronically ill (Senior life settlement) insureds. Receive a lump sum cash payment from a Safe Harbor Funds, LLC Viatical Settlement or Senior Life Settlement ProviderIn exchange, sell your life insurance policy for cash that you no longer want or need. This multi-step procedure to viaticate (sell), or to complete a Viatical Settlement or Senior Life Insurance Settlement takes more or less time depending on a number of factors including the difficulty of compiling medical and insurance information and the exchanging of information between life insurance settlement providers.

        1)   The viatical life settlement application, medical and insurance settlement release of  information forms along with disclosure documents (viatical or life settlement application) are completed. 

        2)   The application along with medical / insurance release and disclosure forms are submitted to the viatical company through a Viatical Settlement or Life Settlement broker.

        3)   Cash settlement offer (bids) are received from the viatical / senior life settlement broker and are considered.

        4)   Accept a viatical or life settlement offer, the change of ownership and change of beneficiary forms are signed transferring the ownership rights on the life insurance policy to the viatical insurance company (viatical settlement or life settlement funder).

        5)   Within a three business days of receiving confirmation of the changes in ownership and beneficiary from the life insurance company, the viatical settlement or senior life settlement funder is required to make payment to the policy owner in the form of a Bank wire or certified check to the policy owner (viator / settlor).

There are a number of things to keep in mind when selling your policy for cash.  First, the insured (viator / settlor) will be signing forms and allowing the present and future disclosure of private medical and insurance records.  Secondly, the original beneficiaries on the viaticated policy will give up their claim to the future death benefit.  To avoid problems, Viatical Settlement and Senior Life Settlement Funders (buyers) require all beneficiaries to sign away any right they may have to submit a claim to the insurance company in the future.  Thirdly, this is an irrevocable procedure; once the policy is sold, the viator / settlor (seller) cannot change his or her mind.  However, under current state law, there is a *15-30 day cooling off period during which time the policy owner (viator / settlor) can rescind the transaction by returning the settlement amount along with any premiums paid by the Viatical Settlement Company, and thereby have the ownership of the policy restored to them.

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